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Sneak peek videos from Anna Banana!

Our series follows the misadventures of Anna (Colleen Munro) and Rex (Everett Graham), two unlikely friends brought together because they both have the same unusual problem: they're being stalked and harassed by anthropomorphic hallucinations (a banana and a dinosaur, respectively).


In the first episode, Anna has a nervous breakdown after a viral video ruins her life... and thus she meets the Banana, a physical manifestation of her neuroses. Anna struggles to banish the figmental fruit until she meets Rex, who has been battling an imaginary dinosaur ever since a personal tragedy broke his heart. The two team up to defeat their demons, once and for all!


In this sneak peek of episode 3, nerdy Anna and laid-back Rex attempt to strategize ways to get rid of their unwanted imaginary friends. This series is a wild and goofy comedy with love and friendship at its core. Please contribute to our Indiegogo fundraiser at so we can film the entire first season!

In this sneak peek of the third episode, Anna awkwardly attempts to befriend Rex because she desperately needs his help. He's the only person in the world who can help her solve her ginormous banana-shaped problem, after all! But this brainiac should've spent more time studying how to talk to humans...

In this sneak peek of episode 1, awkward Anna and temperamental Rex are meeting for the second time to work on their movie. Rex, a filmmaker, has been filming his journey with the dinosaur as a kind of self-prescribed therapy. He ropes the reluctant Anna into some interviews, but it's tough to make a documentary about someone who has the emotional self-awareness of a blowfish...

This series is filmed mockumentary style, inspired by "The Office," "Parks and Rec," "What We Do in the Shadows." We chose the mock-interview format to give a more intimate look at the characters and their inner journeys.

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