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Anna Banana is a six-episode web series about an unlikely quartet: a genius, an artist, a banana, and a stegosaurus.

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Our protagonist, Anna, is an awkward brainiac who has a bit of a nervous breakdown after a humiliating video about her goes viral. As millions retweet and make fun of her, she begins hallucinating

a giant talking banana.

You know that mean voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, nobody likes you, you're a failure... all that stuff?

That's the Banana. 

Anna desperately seeks an "off button" on this yellow monster. Her savior arrives in the form of Rex, a temperamental filmmaker who is being haunted by a lime-green dinosaur.

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For some strange reason -- "it's called symbolism," says Colleen Munro, series creator -- Anna and Rex are the only people in the world who can see each other's hallucinations, so they decide to join forces in the battle for their sanity.

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Anna Banana explores themes of friendship, family, kindness, and courage. 

The quirky and charming humor of the series gently opens the door for vital discussions about mental health. As Colleen Munro explains, "I wanted to write about a young woman who struggled with issues we all face: anxiety, loneliness, self-doubt... but I wanted to do it in a way that was highly original, and unique to me as an artist. It is universally relatable because it is a hyper-specific metaphor. Anna's affliction - hallucinating an anthropomorphic banana - is so far removed from the audience's daily life that they can feel safe relating to her and benefiting from her ultimate catharsis."

There's lots of exciting new things coming soon from the Anna Banana team!

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a totally legit interview:

Series creator Colleen Munro says: "We were getting a lot of questions about the series - people wanted to know how production was going, what the creative process was like - and I figured I could write some Facebook posts with updates, or... I could do something a little more fun."

In this video, Colleen chats with Totally Legit News Reporter Mitzi la Dizzi about everything Anna Banana. 

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us, Mitzi! You truly are one of a kind.

This sketch was written, directed, and edited by Colleen Munro.

Starring: Colleen Munro and Colleen Munro with extensions.

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